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Stylish USA made Leather suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company sell for $60

Leather Series Holdup Suspenders slideshow.. click to start

DU-leathers duleather-black-braid1
 duleather-black-braid2 duleather-black-braid3
 duleather-black-braid4 duleather-black-braid5
 duleather-black-braid6 duleather-black-braid8
 duleather-brown-braid2 duleather-brown-braid3
 duleather-brown-braid4 duleather-brown-braid5

Braided above and Belt Strap models below

 brown-leather-strap-back2 brown-leather-strap-back3
 brown-leather-strap-front2 brown-leather-strap-front3
 brown-leather-strap-front4 brown-leather-strap-holdups1
 brown-leather-strap-holdups2 brown-leather-strap-holdups3
 brown-leather-strap-holdups5 brown-leather-strap-side1
 Dsc00214 DU-black-strap-back
 DU-black-strap-front1 DU-black-strap-front2
 DU-black-strap-front3 DU-black-strap-side3

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Sal Herman th ePresident of Holdup Suspender Company shows off Merlot Double-Up suspenders with Sloops comfort jeans
Dual Clip Double-Up Styles

Striped Holdups in 8 Styles
priced from $28.95 ea