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about_faq.gif (5821 bytes) Below you'll find some (FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions we have fielded from our over 100,000 loyal customers since we began selling online in 1997. We use a secure Americart shopping cart system without a single glitch since setup in 1998. Rest assured we receive orders 24/7 and process them from our Southfield Michigan warehouse every business day.

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** Holdup Suspender Company was awarded both a unique design and rare utility patent for their Undergarment Suspender line sold here... This patent number # 8,209,779 was granted on July 3rd 2012.  Rarely does the US Patent office grant both utility & design patent, which inventor Sal Herman got for their undergarment suspender line featuring a unique Velcro Type length adjustment system. These trademarked Under-UPs™ suspenders have models built with US patented plastic Gripper Clasps or the silver Patented metal no-slip clips. One style has the Hip-Clip™ trucker style that attaches with just 2 clips, or composite plastic clasps, at the side of the pant's waistband. The other super-soft comfortable undergarment suspender style has sewn x-back with 4 metal no-slip clips, or plastic Patented Gripper clasps at strap ends all featuring the smooth Vlcro type strip length adjustment system (also Patented)


How do I navigate this new Holdup Suspender products web site and eCatalog??

The answersOur webmaster site designer worked for over a year taking new more detailed Holdup suspender photos and developing a improved site search engine. The search box at top and bottom of any page allows existing customers to immediately find any of our 250+ styles by typing in their preferred general or unique Holdup color (Verde Green, Cherry Red, Shadow Black). From Holdup paper catalog type in a style (Jacquard Double-Up - Undergarment - Nobuzz  -Outdoorsman Series - Leather Series - etc.) and the 1st page result links will likely match what your looking for... try it an save specific product navigation time on all Holdup web sites. 

Also at the top of all pages is a main product pull down navigation button taking you to a overview page with a visual slideshow display of the various style choices of 1. Dual Clip Double-Ups or 2. The Jumbo clip 2" wide work and hunting suspenders or 3. Single Finger Clip Series with options for Y or X-back style an no-slip clip metal finishes. (press F5 or refresh browser to restart slideshow)

Detailed Double-Up Series product image slideshow showing style feature collage linked to detailed ordering page
Above Double-Ups Series page has linked Style choice product collages in a slideshow

Detail ordering pages have color or pattern pull down forms to select what to place in the familiar secure Holdup Shopping cart, used without fail since 1997. We slimmed down these clip-on suspender pages to make more room for individual detailed product slides so you see what you'll get when opening your shipment.

Order page style selection pull-downs and linked single or slideshow product images

At the bottom of every page at are the various expandable Holdup styles navigation buttons for single or dual clip models and also specialty product links for new items like fitted sheet Stay-Downs™ -Stripes - Leather Holdups -Maternity Suspenders - Biker suspenders and more..... Lot's of product links in a smaller space.

Bottom of page navigation aids link to all the various styles of Holdup Suspender Company patented products

Navigate through the new site and let us know how we can improve this one to simplify shopping suspenders for our treasured repeat customers.... email site design comments to our webmaster accepts Google Checkout payments & Holdup Patented men's suspenders

What does Google Checkout™ offer in the way of additional features and  protections for our shoppers?

The answers From the creators of Google, Google Checkout is a new fast, secure, and convenient way to shop online. Lengthy checkout processes frustrate online shoppers, who then frequently abandon their shopping carts due to lengthy info gathering techniques. Holdup Suspenders for years eliminated the common checkout bottlenecks like coupon code boxes. Now Google makes it even easier to purchase our Patented suspenders. Google Checkout makes it easy for online shoppers to quickly identify fast, secure places to shop from in search result ads.  This identification comes in the form of a Google Checkout© badge, which appears on all sites using Google Checkout. Google Checkout™ makes online shopping easy by providing a single log-in to buy across the entire web.

Internet users have come to know and trust Google, which remains at the top of all search engines.   That same trust and reliance can now be applied to shopping securely online with the Google Checkout "buy now" buttons on this web site. The more an online buyer trusts a website, the more likely they are to make a purchase from that site knowing Google backs the purchase and filters out undeserving merchants.. 

Our payment processor also accepts all major Credit Cards and PayPal.

Factoid: When Holdup Suspenders "No-Slip Clip" was patented ( US patent # 4901408) it was the first innovation in suspender clips in over 106 years. TV Celebrities like Larry King and Dennis Miller wear Holdup Suspenders.

A recent article on suspenders and how they help achieve good posture, and over-all health benefits, was just published.

Q.gif (1032 bytes)Do actually make these men's suspenders and really back them up with a Limited Time warranty?

The answersYes! We hold all manufacturing rights to not only Holdup suspenders, 30 day money back guarantee back by a lifetime warranty on our patented clip.but also own the patents that restricts the manufacturing of "cheap copies" from anywhere in the world. Our products are manufactured in the USA using the best grade elastic materials and triple plated Limited Time guaranteed clasps. All top leather crosspatches and tabs are machine sewn with high tensile thread. Nothing gets a production OK till the suspender is thoroughly tested for look, finish and function. This also allows us to control the quality of each and every component that goes into making these Holdup suspenders the "best money can buy". If we didn't believe in this claim we wouldn't make it and back it up with a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our patented clips are warranted for life to never SLIP-SLIDE or POP OFF your pants.

Q.gif (1032 bytes)Do you offer wholesale prices on your products to the fashion trade jobbers and menswear shops? Can I buy from you direct?

The answersHoldup Suspender Co. has thousands of fashionable men's and specialty accessory shops, who have stocked our products through the years. Where you fine top quality menswear you should find our suspenders displays. If not you can call 1-800-4515 ext 20, and request a color brochure and a sample "No-slip-clip" and give it to your favorite shops' proprietor. Shop owners can call our President to inquire about our manufacturer direct distributor pricing. We send them a suspender sample, price list, 16 page color brochure. Listing of stores actively stocking Holdup suspenders are posted here by state and city as we are leveraging the Internet to reach new markets worldwide for our brand of suspenders and Sloops jeans..

Q.gif (1032 bytes) How do I replace or repair a broken Holdup no-slip clip and can I buy replacement clips from Holdup Suspender Company and make my own suspenders.

The answers Holdup Suspender clips in all the variety of styles and sizes are sold right from this web page...  with quantity discounts. All Holdup Suspender Company patented products utilize our unique metal no-slip clips or plastic Gripper clasps. Many crafters make their own suspender colorful straps and attach our clips to their designs and sell them a handicraft marketplaces.

View Short video clip on how to replace/repair a Holdup Suspender no-slip clip in a few simple steps!

Buy replacement Holdup suspender clips above and repair an old pair with broken clips and extend the life of your favorite suspenders.

Holdup Suspnder Company makes the widest variety of suspender clips for retail and wholesale applications
We have a new USA patented clip used in all our suspender lines with smoother edges and more angled clip cam to prevent accidental opening. Holdup Suspenders is the world leading suspender manufacturer on selection and service. Only the finest in durable and washable elastic fabrics and top grade leather tabs & crosspatches are used throughout our complete finger clip line. "Always UP for any formal or casual occasion!"

Factoid: The typical suspender wearer has hips smaller than his waist. Without suspenders, he will constantly be pulling up his pants no matter how tightly he fastens his belt.

Refund Policy and Total Satisfaction Guarantee:

Only the finest in USA made fabrics and top grade leather tabs & crosspatches are used throughout our complete line of men'sAll Holdup Suspenders carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee suspenders. Absolutely the best suspenders money can buy ... backed by the apparel industries' best Limited Time warranty! Holdup Suspenders are backed with a "no questions asked" 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. Our Patented no-slip clip carries a Limited Time warranty to never slip-slide or Fly-Off your pants .  Over 2200 fine men's shops and sporting goods retailers have stocked their stores with our men's suspender in a variety of styles and color options since 1997. Call 1-800-700 ext 20 to request a refund or exchange of any of our suspender products. We work together with the Google Checkout™ refund policies and quickly resolve any support, warranty or order processing mistakes to your total satisfaction. Our commitment to customer service is exceeded only by our willingness to do it!

Q.gif (1032 bytes)What is your busiest shopping Holiday for sales?

The answers Traditionally Holdup Suspender shoppers by more of our products at Fathers Day then even the Christmas rush period. Our webmaster has researched the History of Father's day trying to uncover the importance this day has in men's fashion accessories. Take a Tour of the History of Fathers Day and then see some of our specials that make the perfect gift for that special man in your life. Officially Fathers day is the 3rd Sunday in June so be sure to shop early for dad and Grand dad. Then come back here for their birthdays as they always enjoy these Holdup suspenders as gifts of comfort and style.

Q.gif (1032 bytes)Do you ship to Overseas locations ?

The answers YES... just choose USPS Priority Mail International as the carrier during initial checkout and the cart will accept overseas shipping. We have made every effort to allow both the Sloops™ jeans and Holdup Brand Suspenders for worldwide to purchase our unique products. showcased designer blue jeans and khaki slack designed to be worn with suspenders only and do not have unsightly belt loops. These sites accept major credit cards and Paypal. We make every effort to get the product to you the cheapest way possible determined by the destination country . As long as your credit card billing address and delivery information match we are assured payment. We will not ship orders that have a invalid e-mail address or phone # as we verify all orders before shipping. Foreign and domestic customers may mail in payment in US funds and specify the delivery address if they are uncomfortable ordering online.

Q.gif (1032 bytes)Where else on the internet are your products sold? And how easy is it to get in on your affiliate sales program?

The answersWe have been on the internet since 1996. We do have other sites selling our products that are owned by fashion merchandisers. Our webmaster and site designer runs the EcomCity CyberMalls who feature our products.  Fact: holds the highest conversion ratio of clicks to sales of any online product retailer so our sales partners all make money by displaying our banners and product on their sites. One of our top referral sites is the

Click to see larger image fashiongals.gif (18288 bytes) Woman wearing Double-Ups making a fashion statement

See both the plastic and metal no-slip jumbo clip models of the various Camouflage Holdup outdoorsman series suspenders

Q.gif (1032 bytes) Is it a myth that girls wear these Holdup suspenders too?

The answersFact is that we learn from our Suspender Wearers Association (SWA) members that the gals not only wear them, but brag on them as a unique fashion statement. No kidding! These aren't just the Biker Girls, worrying like their men about cold breezes down the back of their gapping pants, but the real trendy ones seeking a new look on campus or the bar scene. We sell a variety of sateen finished narrow and wide suspenders in pastel colors too. Click her to see all the exciting new Urban Youth line of suspenders for the Gals and fashion conscious guys.

amazon_dufrenchhorns.jpg (35386 bytes)

Holdup Suspenders introduces a new designer blue jeans line made just for suspender wearers!

ANNOUNCING the newest addition to Holdup Suspenders fashion accessory lineup! The Perfect Equation in men's fashion.... Double-Ups + Sloops® = Comfort + Style. Sloops are men's jeans designed by a die hard suspender wearer just for suspender wearers. USA Patent pending on these beltless, 5 pocket straight leg blue jeans. To add to your comfort and style these jeans will have a more fitted seat in all waist sizes, relaxed front and designed to hang perfectly when choosing a 1" wider waist size then normally worn. The result equal Comfort and Style. Because our suspender customers constantly demand new styles and colors to add to their collection, Holdup Suspenders introduces 3 models of Blue Denim fabric suspenders featuring our patented no-slip clip with a improved slant-faced design as a prelude to introducing Sloops™.

Click here to see details on our new Sloops designer jeans made just for suspender wearers.

Q.gif (1032 bytes)Do actually make these Sloops designer blue jeans and really back them up with a money back guarantee?

The answersYes! We hold all manufacturing rights to not only Holdup suspenders and Sloops blue jeans, guarantee_blue.gif (13316 bytes)but also own the patents that restricts the manufacturing of "cheap copies" from anywhere in the world. Our men's apparel products are manufactured in the USA using the best grade denim jean materials. Nothing gets a production OK till the jeans and suspenders are thoroughly tested for look, quality and function. This also allows us to control the quality of each and every component that goes into making all the Holdup Suspender Company men's fashion accessories. These are the best jeans and suspenders "money can buy". If we didn't believe in this claim we wouldn't make it, and then back it up with a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Click Here for our e-CATALOG to see or order any of our 240 Styles of Holdup suspenders!!   Only the finest in durable and washable elastic fabrics are used throughout our complete line which are manufactured in the USA. Take a look at the Jumbo 2x4 extra wide suspenders, or our single clip lineup in our e-catalog. The all new DUAL CLIP Double-ups line with the  traditional look of Button-on suspenders ...only much better ...are now in stock in all colors and styles! All Holdup purchases offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money is completely refunded within 30 day. These suspenders also carry a Limited Time guarantee on our no-slip suspender clips. Call 1-800-700-4515 and speak to our friendly employee service reps for exchange procedures or refunds....

We are proud to introduce our Patented Double-Ups suspenders with that button down look.Click to enlarged side view of these Double-Up suspenders

We have a new patent pending clip used in our traditional "button-on" looking Double-Ups line with smoother edges and more angled clip cam to prevent accidental opening when sitting down on chairs and car seats. We are the world leader in suspenders and offer a broader selection than any other source.

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Our commitment to customer service is exceeded only by our willingness to do it!

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Use search box at top and bottom of any page to instantly find a specific Holdup suspender color (Regal Red - Java brown -Verde Green -Suntan) and/or by unique style choices (French Horns - Elddis Blue- Advantage Camouflage - Tradesman ) shown in our paper catalog. Call (800) 700-4515 for free color catalog

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» The Hold-Up Suspender Company welcomes you to this new retail sales web site.

Holdup Black braided leather suspender braces are one of our best selling suspenders

Read more About US .. Hold-Up suspenders are guaranteed not to slip, slide, or fly off your pants no matter how hard you pull on the straps.... The Holdup no-slip clips in metal or plastic styles do make all the difference with customers used to the inferior holding power of the competitor suspender clips. You can purchase Holdup replacement clips in all the various styles, with qty discounts, right here.

We now sell the Patent Pending Holdup Stay-Downs®, These are USA made sheet suspender Straps in 2 styles featuring our Gripper Clasp and velcro type tension adjuster system. Click here to get details and purchase these Holdup sheet straps.

Choose from our Single “Finger-Clip” lines with X or Y back and metal clip finish choices or the Dual Clip Double-ups models in same color choices for $10.00 more. We have expanded the wider Jumbo 2x4 Series Holdups to include Plastic Gripper Clasp Outdoorsman and electrician pattern and 2" wide Hip Clip models. Our Specialty Suspenders series include No-Buzz airport friendly models that won't trigger metal detectors, Maternity and undergarment suspenders... plus the Urban Youth thinner shorter styles in solids and fun patterns for fashion savvy girls.

Undergarment Suspender line...  

Soft USA made elastic fabric straps and the Holdup Patented Gripper clasps make these extra long airport friendly suspenders a hit with frequent travelers

Larry King Signature Series limited edition Holdup suspenders for 54.95

Larry King limited edition Signature Series Holdups are now available.... $54.95. Collectors item as these will be sold out and come in 4 colors.. click here for details and Larry King  purchase page.

Larry King Signature limietd edition Holdup suspenders in RED sell for $54.95


Hip-Clip, or Side Clip suspenders, attach to pants, or shorts, with just 2 patented no-slip clips. We now have these Trucker Style Hip-Clip™ "under your shirt" 

Email our E-mail our staff Staff

Download our latest > Holdup products paper catalog.. click here!

1 800 700-4515 order line

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click here to see our suspender product ecatalog

NEW- Patented Girls and
Teen Suspenders

Skinny suspenders for the fashion minded girl.

We now sell the Patent Pending Holdup Stay-Downs®, These are USA made sheet suspender Straps in 2 styles featuring our Gripper Clasp and velcro type tension adjuster system. Click here to get details and purchase these Holdup sheet straps.

New site sponsored  by Holdup Suspender Company, just for MOMS, featuring innovative time saving products like Maternity suspenders, Baby Crib Sheet straps to help prevent SIDS. Participate in the MomAids Forum and suggest simple product solutions you recommend as must haves....

Buy Holdup replacement suspender Clips

US patented # 8,209,779 granted on these Hip-Clip trucker style Undergarment suspenders having a unique Velcro type smooth length adjustment system and Patented metal no-slip Holdup suspnder clips


Patented Under-Ups sell for $21.95 and come in 6 styles choices

Movie Stars wearing Holdup Suspenders Movie Star Suspenders

Checkout the newest Holdup Web sites devoted to spciality Holdup undergarment type suspenders and products using our patented Holdup no-slip metal clips or the super strong plastic Gripper clasps...


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