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Looking for the best selection of  men's suspenders in solid black colors and/or black patterns? You'll find them right here. All the black Holdup suspenders on this page come with a unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

 Holdup Suspenders has 15 styles of black suspenders for sale at great prices.Holdup Suspender Company and our repeat customers know Black suspender styles out sell all other color choices. Well Black is Back in fashion at The below men's black suspenders all feature our patented no- slip clip or the new Composite plastic Gripper Clasp and limited clip/clasp warranty. Anyone seeking Black clip-on dressy or casual Suspenders can't go wrong by selecting a pair of Hold-Ups. These all come in a variety of USA made elastic strap widths, in both single and dual no-slip clip models in a price range from $17 to $60 for the braided or Belt strap Leather Models.  

All black patented Holdup suspenders in standard 1 1/2 inch width for 25.00 Y-bacj style of these All Black Holdup Suspenders in our casual series line sell for 26.95

Holdup's Casual Series- "ALL BLACK"  men's pant suspenders featuringAll black leahter trim and USA made suspnder straps are showcased in this pair of black Holdup Suspenders either Gold or Silver plated patented- no slip clips and top grade black leather tabs and trim. This style is great for office or special evening wear when you need to make a conservative fashion statement! Pick out several pair in your favorite colors which all have double sewn black top leather tabs and crosspatch. Great as a birthday or special occasion gift like Father's Day.  All materials are carefully chosen for elastic durability with a fine weave. If you need a pair of suspenders that perform year after year.. then we'd always suggest a pair of Holdup Suspenders for you or a friend. These Casual series Holdups have black leather tapered clip tab holders and embossed logo Y or X-back crosspatch choices... Choice in Silver/Chrome or Gold triple plated clips and length adjuster. NOW below ONLY $26.95

ALL BLACK $26.95
Casual series suspenders in ALL BLACK

Black leather trim  and choice of clip finish: Gold Silver
Back style:
Y- or X
an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)

  Casual Series ALL BLACK Holdups for 26.95 shown here with X-back style and gold clip options

Holdup's Casual Series- "ALL BLACK"  men's pant suspenders featuring  Gold plated patented- no slip clips and top grade black leather tabs and X-back crosspatch. XL Adjustable length up to 54 inches for even the tallest men. PRICE on these "All Black Holdups" is $30.95 in XL (eXtra Long ) length for $3 more for the XL option. Other XL black or Tan suspenders... click here

Detail page for the "Black Pack "colored patented suspender
model 1210XLG

Extra Long ALL BLACK Casual Series $30.95  These are X-Back style with  Logoed Black leather crosspatch and Gold no-slip clips and metal length adjuster in 54" length for the big and tall man:
 Qty: an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) $30.95 ea.

  XL 54" longer All black casual series Holdups sell for 3.00 more and have X-back black leahter crosspatch and gold no-slip clips
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 The Elddis pyramid pattern BLACK on Black Jacquard series shown above and sold below for only $ 43.95/ea was a new Holdup Suspender addition in 2008. Holdup is proud of our no hassles- no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. So shop away for some black suspenders today and get free UPS ground rate freight on any Holdup order over $75 when shipped to USA destinations.

Purchase these Balck jacquard weave suspenders with dual clips for $43.95
Part# DU-3016YG

Y-back only - Gold finished adjusters and black no-slip clips Qty: an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) $43.95

These Double Jacquard Double-Ups™ men's suspender (shown above & Below) features a "Black on Black" color mix and features two newly re-designed no-slip  suspender clips on each black leather tab. Y-back top grade black leather crosspatch and clip tabs look great. The single clip version is shown below and sell for only $32.95

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Please select your choice of  Back Style and Gold or Silver clip finishes on these single clip black on black pattern jacquard weave Holdup suspenders selling for 32.95.

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$32.95 ea

Elddis Diamond Pattern Black on black Holdups in jacquard weave...
No-slip Clip Finish: Gold  or Silver
Back style choice: Y-
or X-
Qty: an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) $32.95

Holdup's single clip  Casual Series- "Black Pack"  solid colored men's suspenders are great for office or casual wear and have rich brown top leather tabs and logo X or Y-back style crosspatches. All Holdup Suspenders are made in the USA from the best materials which are carefully chosen for elastic durability and fine weaves. The triple plated clasps hold their finish. Buy these Casual series Holdups in single-clip or dual clip models (Double-Ups have black leather in Y-back style)

style #1211 for $26.95

click to expand pictureChoice of   Back style and clip finish


Casual Series Black Pack color Holdups are $26.95. Choose Patented no-slip Clip Finish: Gold or Silver clips
Back Styling : Y-or X-back
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 Casual Series Black Pack Holdups for 26.95 shown here with brown leather X-back crosspatch Black Pack color in these black Holdup Casual Series clip-on suspenders shown here in X-back with 1 1/2" USA made suspender strap material

These casual series black suspenders also come in a dual clip model called the Black Pack Double-UP for $37.95... purchase Double-Ups model below.

Black Pack #DU5101 for $37.95
Click to see large view of the Black Pack Double-up braces
click to expand pictureclick to expand image

Casual series Double-Up with Y-back Leather crosspatch - Gold finished adjusters and black no-slip clips in Black Pack Color
an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) $37.95

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Formalwear and business suit suspenders in Black with dual clip tabs

Holdups Formal Wear Series- "Tuxedo Black" color suspenders in new narrower 1" width with dual no-slip clips in Double-Up style. The black fabric has a SATIN sheen on these businessman's suspenders. They look great with a tuxedo or business suit and have a more tapered black leather clip tab holders to complete the formal look. The top grade black leather tabs and cross patch are double sewn for long lasting wear. Why should you ever have to suffer through the agony of those cheap Tuxedo Rental Shop pair that never seem to hold up. You owe it to yourself to get our exclusive formal series of men's suspenders designed for a limited of parties and social events.  Always Up for any occasion... for only $32.95 each

 Y-back 1" wide satin finished all black Holdup Formal Series suspenders for 32.95

Thin 1" wide Formal Series Holdup satin finished suspnders in Tuxedo Black color shown with X-back option and silver finished clips

Black Satin Tuxedo 1" wide formal Series single clip suspender. Choose CLIP Finish: Gold or Silver
Back styles:
Y- or X-
Qty: an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) $32.95

Black is the preferred choice in the fashion industry for over 90 years.
Black is Powerful Color.. it is the lack of all colors of light, or an exhaustive combination of multiple colors seen by the eye.

Double-Ups Tuxedo Black satin finished suspender in 1" width and top grade black leather trim and Y-back logo crosspatch.
Dual clip Double-Up - Gold finished adjusters and black no-slip clips Qty:click here to order these suspenders
Sale price $43.95

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Black Formal Silk Holdups sell for $48.95

Black Ebony Tuxedo silk suspenders for Holdup Suspender Co.
The Double-UPs "EBONY" black silk series are in stock now for only $48.95/ea. These definitely make the perfect Father's Day, Bosses Day, or wedding party gift for the Groom and Best man!

Ebony black silk suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company
#0010 EBONY

Y-back only - Gold finished adjusters and black no-slip clips with BLACK leather crosspatch Qty: an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes) $48.95

 Buy one of these Holdup airport friendly NO BUZZ suspenders. Only $21.95 per pair and guaranteed not to trip off airport metal detectors. We now offer you choice in either X-back or a Y-back style on our most popular All Black 1 1/2" wide suspenders designed to not trip off metal detectors at airports and municipal buildings.

Click for X or Y-Back model detail views...

No-Buzz suspenders have no metal main parts to trip off metal detectors at airports, Courtrooms, secure buildings.

...X-back model of the black no-buzz airport friendly suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company

No buzz Holdups with black plastic gripper clasps are perfect fro frequent travelers

NO BUZZ Suspenders gripper-clasp with Patented Black Gripper Clasp and black USA made suspender straps. These have a Black leather embossed logo crosspatch in 2 back style choices...

Choose <X-Back or Y-Back> Style:

  $21.95 ea
all No-Buzz Holdups come with 30 day money back guarantee

  Purchase either Y-back, or X-back style, No-Buzz black Holdup suspenders above that have no metal parts...

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Breeze through Airport Security in metal-free suspenders! The sort of man who ends his day on a high-rise balcony, toasting his boardroom victories with a scotch and cigar, is not a man who strips off his suspenders in the airport and ends up with his pants around his ankles. Nor should YOU be. Instead get these with sure-gripping plastic clips and pass easily through security metal detectors. Dressy Y-back design and leather embossed logo back patch will keep you looking your business-like best.

How about longer work suspenders for the Tall Man. These now come in a new eXtra Long 54" adjustable length for the Big & Tall man Buy these XL (extra Long 54") in "SHADOW BLACK" color for only!! $26.95 ea.
lineeye_sml.gif (988 bytes)

larger view

$26.95 for XL model

XL- SHADOW BLACK 2" wide Work Suspenders come with either Jumbo black Metal no-slip clips or The new Patented Black Jumbo Gripper Clasps. Both fit the bigger and taller man with XL 54" extra longer length X-Back crosspatch with metal black Patented no-slip embossed with Holdup Logo...  

We are Out of Stock on the Shadow Black Plastic Gripper clasp model. Choose the metal clip style for now...
Choose Metal or Plastic Clip Style:

  $26.95 each

Additional XL (Extra Length) Holdup Suspenders in various Black style choices are just $3 more then regular length Holdups... CLICK HERE

New extra long men's black pant suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company.

How about a HIP-CLIP trucker style 1 1/2" width Black Holdup suspender with the same Brown Leather crosspatch, that attach to your pants with just 2 Patented Gripper Clasps. These also have plastic sliding length adjusters so they won't trigger metal detectors.. $21.95

Navy Blue side clip-on suspenders for 21.95 BLACK 1-1/2" wide Hip-Clip Style suspender with 2 Plastic Gripper Clasps, No-buss plastic length adjusters, and Leather X-back Logo embossed crosspatch #7507HP  Qty: $21.95 ea Navy Blue side clip-on suspenders for 21.95NO-BUZZ 1 1/2" wide

  Hip-clip or trucker style black Holdups with plastic gripper clasps and length adjusters sells for 21.95

Hip-Clip Style TIP: To lower the sewn X-back crosspatch on your back just move the 2 no-slip clips, or plastic Clasps, more towards the front of your pants. the above 1-1/2" no buzz model has X-back leather crosspatch

Holdup's Corporate Series-in "Black Sapphire" solid colored men's suspenders are great for office or casual wear, when you need to make a bold business fashion statement! Designed with an exclusive SATIN finish with 1-1/2" straps and top grade leather BLACK tabs and crosspatch. Single clip model offers either X or Y back style with either Gold or Silver triple plated clasps.....   only 32.95ea.

Click for details on Black Sapphire corporate suspenders

Corporate Series Black Sapphire color with satin finish and black leather trim. Metal clip finish option: Gold or Silver
Back Style choice:
Y- or X-back
Qty: an_golddot.gif (1878 bytes)

Top Seller for businessmen needing a dressy 1 1/2" wide satin black suspender that looks great with a dress shirt.

Buy a pair the dual clip Double-Ups satin finished Black Sapphire suspenders and get the traditional look of button-on braces. These are also available in other colors in our Corporate series dual clip suspender ecatalog page.

New XL extra long Holdup suspenders in 21 styles for the Big & Tall men
Extra long Big & Tall men's clip-on suspendersXL Holdup pant Suspenders Tan Models (10) & Black Choices (11)

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Holdup's Thin Urban Youth Series all have SILVER clips and choices of Brown leather crosspatch in X-Back style, or Black Leather crosspatch in Y-Back style. All have a narrow 3/4" wide strap and our patented no-slip clips.  Click small Urban Black suspender image to enlarge.

Urban Black  3/4" wide only $18.95
urban-black.jpg (66273 bytes)
click to expand pictureclick to enlarge

no-slip clip & adjuster Finish Silver
Choose Back style with Yback in black leather or X-back with Brown leather crosspatch:
Y-or X-
Qty: $18.95 ea

  Narrow suspenders in solid colors are a hit with teenagers Black narrow suspenders are a hit with Urban blacks and hip teens

How about Heavy Duty black suspenders that attach with just 2 clips... 2" wide Trucker Hip-Clips with 2 silver jumbo clips

Exclusive Hip-Clip HOldup suspenders made to holdup pants with just 2 side clips.Trademarked Hip-Clip suspenders loved by truckers, Bikers and ourdoorsmen are 2 inch wide and sell for $21.95
Click images for close-up views shown with our Sloops Jeans.

Purchase our exclusive Hip-Clip suspenders in 3 colors.
X-Back style with Brown Leather crosspatch and silver jumbo clips.

Solid Black Hip-Clip suspenders for 21.95 BLACK 2" wide Hip-Clip Trucker Style: Silver triple plated no-slip clips
Qty: $23.95

 Our commitment to customer service is exceeded only by our willingness to do it! Jump to other styles of Holdup Suspenders styles at below links...


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Black Pack Double-Ups are offered in a XL 54" longer length for the Big and Tall man needing a great looking suspender for wearing to the office.

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Browse through our Single Clip Holdup suspender lines options for Y-r X-back style and metallic clip Gold or silver finish options at below links

  1. Casual Series in 14 solid Colors... $26.95
  2. Corporate Series are 1 1/2" wide in 9 satin finished colors... $32.95
  3. Designer Series in 9 Tasteful patterns 1 1/2" wide with black leather crosspatch and tapered clip tabs.... $32.95
  4. Formal Series are narrow 1" wide in 9 satin finished colors with black leather trim.... $32.95
  5. Jacquard Series have 1 1/2" wide straps in 13 color patterns woven with tone on tone patterns in complimentary  colors..... $32.95
  6. Striped Series in Navy blues, khaki tans with contrasting red and Ivory striped accents... $32.95
  7. Classic Series are basic Holdups with brown leather X-back crosspatch and silver clips... $21.95

Black XL Holdup Suspenders..

Black XL length Holdup suspenders in various styles from $24.95


Click here to see and buy the new Brown or black leather Holdup suspender braces

Click here to buy Leather Braided or belt strap Holdup Suspenders for $64.95

Our Specialty Suspenders series include No-Buzz airport friendly models that won't trigger metal detectors, Maternity and undergarment suspenders... plus the Urban Youth thinner shorter styles in solids and patterns.  

bar-dingbat.gif (155 bytes)

Corporate single clip satin finished Holdups $32.95

XL longer suspenders for the big and tall man in Black Choices (11)

Also see our Casual Series Holdup Suspenders in 14 Solid colors with choice of Y or X-back style and Gold or Nickel clips for just 5.00 more... click here

Trucker style Hip-Clip series suspenders attach to waistband with just 2 nickel plated no-slip clips... only $21.95 ea.

Wider work suspenders and hunting suspenders with 2" widths and jumbo clips also come in colors other than black

Wider Work and Hunting Holdup suspenders come with Black or Nickel plated metal no-slip jumbo clips or the new Plastic Gripper Clasp in a variety of style choices...

  1. Contractor Series 2" wide work suspenders in 8 solid Colors and US Flag or Rainbow of Colors patterns... $23.95
  2. Tradesman Series are 2" wide w/Silver clips, X-back Brown leather crosspatch in 7 colorful skilled trades patterns ... $23.95
  3. Industrial Series heavy duty work suspenders in 3 colors have non-elastic straps, silver jumbo clips and brown leather X-back logo crosspatch. $23.95
  4. Outdoorsman Series are 2" wide hunting suspenders in 4 camouflage patterns, shadow Black or bright Hunter Orange with black leather crosspatch and black jumbo Metal or Plastic clips... priced from $23.95 to 26.95
  5. Wide Hip-Clip Trucker Style Series slip on like a backpack and attach with 2 silver Jumbo no-slip side clips ..... $23.95
  6. Motorcycle Suspenders and Hold-Down Boot Straps 2" wide Flame or Skull & Crossbones patterns, black leather crosspatch and jumbo clips... $23.95
  7. XL wide suspenders for the Big & Tall man have longer 2" wide black or tan straps, leather X-back crosspatch and metal jumbo clips or Plastic Gripper Clasps... $26.95



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