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Holdup Suspender Company sells USA patented pant suspenders and Sloops jeans.Choose over 200 styles of clip-on suspenders from Holdup Suspender Company Inc.navtop2.gif (5061 bytes) Search through our huge ecatalog of men's and womens pant suspenders.

Holdup Suspenders offers a private affiliate commission sales program

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Suspender Styles
and price ranges

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Casual Series solid colors 1 1/2" width
Single clip - $26.95
Dual Clip - $37.95

Designer Series in tasteful patterns...
Single Clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

New Airport Suspenders
No-BUZZl black airport friendly men's suspenders designed to not trigger metal detectors
Won't trip metal detectors with super strong composite gripper-clasps.. All Black

SKIING Suspenders in Black or Tan for all types of snow  Sports Ski-Ups $21.95

Formal Series 1" wide, satin finished in 9 solid colors
Single Clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

Corporate Series in 9 Satin finished colors 1 1/2" wide straps
Single clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

Jacquard Series in 5 'tone on tone' colors
Single Clip -$32.95
Dual Clip -$43.95

Sports Series 1 1/2" width 5 sports theme patterns -$32.95

Classic Series basic   solid colors and USA Flag pattern -$21.95

Traditional button-on suspender look in our dual clip Double-Ups
Double-Ups from $37.95, and Silk Suspenders for $45

This Teenager is proud to show off her new Holdup Urban Youth skinny suspenders

Teenager thin Suspenders
are Hot in

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2" wide Jumbo Clip Series in X-back heavy duty clips all only $23.95....
Contractor- solids and patterns with silver clips
Outdoorsman in hunting patterns and solids -Black clips
Tradesman in 6 skilled trades patterns
Industrial Series with non-elastic fronts and silver clasps

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Click to view Sloops jeans promo

Sloops Blue Jeans and Sloops Casual Slacks made specifically for suspender wearers in waist sizes to 50" now only $43.95.

NEW -Patented Suspender Hanger and closet organizer

Thin Suspenders for Teens and Gals

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Sheet Straps and mattress suspenders that really Holdup $20

Finally a sheet strap and mattress suspender that works for any type or size bed. Click for details and to purchase for $21.95

E-mail our staff
Our Staff

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click here to see our suspender product ecatalog

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Holdup Suspenders's -Straitup Bucks affiliate sales commission program  
  Site owners -Make money selling the patented Holdup Suspenders and Sloops Jeans & Slacks!

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Join our private Affiliate Advertising program!

We are pleased to invite Web site owners to join the StaitUP Bucks referral sales program! Holdup Suspender Company offers you an opportunity to earn a 10 -15% commission on our complete lineup of fashionable suspenders with the patented "No Slip Suspender Clip". Make commissions also on the new thinner/shorts suspenders for Gals and teens  and comfortable  Sloops™ designer Blue jeans & Slacks. We carefully screen all advertising partner applicants invited to make sure they have a suitable site and audience to properly promote the Holdup Suspender brand of USA made apparel product.

Click here for affiliate program details We are accepting applications for web site owners in to our Affiliate sales program managed by Holdup Suspender Company's webmaster Mike Hyland  of Image Marketing Services. Your invited to join our high conversion sales program due to your expertise at affiliate marketing or you have a fashion oriented web site. Our affiliate sales program over the years has averaged one sale per every 24 click throughs by those invited to join. This is the highest conversion ratio in the pay per performance affiliate industry for product merchants. We cut our checks directly from our payroll department to Holdup affiliates once they reach the $25.00 minimum payout amount. Requesting your commission check is just a simple phone call or e-mail request procedure.

Program highlights:

All affiliates receive an e-mail confirmation as soon as your link resulted in a sale showing the net amount of the order. No need to wonder if your referral traffic resulted in a sale. You just keep these sales receipt e-mails to verify your earnings.

Exclusive tracking code and setting of a secure 7 day cookie right from our shopping cart,  BEFORE your shopper gets to our site, prevents any hijacking or alteration of link codes by BHO parasites popup marketers or Ad blocking software. See referral link code examples and some text links and sample banners... click here!

Our link code is impervious to AdBlockers and you'll automatically get an e-mail confirmation of all orders generated from your links.

Exclusive no competition product: Hold Up Suspenders features the exclusive,Sign up for our affiliate sales program patented "No Slip Suspender Clip"! They will never ever slip, slide or fly off, no matter how much you bend or twist!  Over 195 styles, patterns and colors for you to promote and any section shown on left can act as a landing page for your referred shoppers. You can trust our company and products to be around for years to comes. We are the actual manufacturer and not a sales agent for all items we sell!! Your customers -Buy direct and save thanks to your efforts.

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SUITABLE FOR CASUAL OR FORMAL WEAR.FUNCTIONAL & STYLISH SUSPENDERS FOR THE DISCRIMINATING WEARER! These are simply the best suspenders money can buy! The finger clip line range from 18.95 to $32.95 each ! Our hottest sellers are the new dual clip Double-UPs line for $43.95 with a free freight offer for orders over $75.00. All models in the 2x4 Jumbo clip line are only $21.95. We now offer several styles of girls narrower and shorter suspenders in solid colors and patterns which really are creating a trendy fashion statement. Made in the USA of the finest materials all backed by a limited time warranty. These suspenders make perfect all occasion gifts and offer a non competing product line for your web site visitors.

Our attractive site, visually exciting displays and secure online ordering makes this a real money maker for you as a Holdup Suspender Company affiliate! We are proud to offer you this affiliate program managed completely by our own office staff and webmaster. All your sales are confirmed immediately via e-mail and any returns or cancellations, due to fraud, are also sent to you with an explaination. Who ever heard of personal service from a merchant to an affiliate sales partner? Now you have and any questions just call 1-800-700-4515 ext 20 and talk to our president Mr Sal Herman to get things straighten out...ASAP. Our webmaster IMS has 9 years experience in managing and designing affiliate enabled merchant web sites.

Whi can join our affiliate program

WHO QUALIFIES?? Any one who has a suitable web site venue for our products may join our program and start earning money on your sites referral clicks. Please review our legal statement and conditions regarding this affiliate sales program. See some SAMPLE BANNERS and creative ways to link to our web site to increase conversions by choosing your own visitor landing pages.  Nice thing about the linking code is that it can be customized by you to display any image, banner or text creative by hot links from our sites content. We'll even build your own suspender mini-shop to increase sales to allow you to go beyond just banner displays or text links if you request this assistance.

You earn 10-15% on all sales generated and tracked from your site by the automated affiliate links tracking system. All visitors, who don't buy the first time they view our site, are assigned to you for 7 days so you earn commissions if they return and purchase our suspenders at a later date. All sales and commissions for your account are kept in our accounting logs if you need them for tax purposes.  Holdup's affiliate program generates more sales per click through, since visitors specifically are seeking suspenders and can't get a better pair or lasting value anywhere else... We back this up with a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee and limited time clip warranty on our products.

We have received hundreds of  Testimonials from satisfied users which you can incorporate in your site. If you're customers are not completely satisfied we promptly refund all money ..no questions asked! A $25.00 low minimum with monthly or on-demand payments is all that is required to get your check from Holdup Suspender Company. We only ask affiliates do not use any PPCSE bidding on our registered trademarks and the Holdup Suspender trade name or our company URLs in the PPC Ads. PPCSE affiliates are not allowed to link directly to our site on the PPCSE ads as they should build display pages to post banners and text links on their own domains.

Signup right now -only takes a minuteHoldup Suspenders's -Straitup Bucks affiliate sales commission program

Our system is simple. Sign up with Straight UP Bucks affiliate program in a few simple forms. You'll breeze through this online form provided basic information on your site and address for checks to be sent too! Then you receive an emailed confirmation of your registration with your affiliate ID#... and proceed to the section where you can select our standard banners and text links.

Please send the Holdup Suspender Co webmaster a request to join our private affiliate referral sales program. Your site will be reviewed by our webmaster for inclusion in the program. We do not accept BHO pop-up advertisers or any cookie stuffers into our program

Affiliate application

Please include your real Name, real email address, physical address, phone number and URL of your web site where you'll place commissionable links & banners.

Tell Me More about your affiliate program ..send e-mail to our webmaster

You get a huge selection of various sized banners or text links which are tracked by your ID# . Every time a browser hits the link on your pages and purchases some suspenders the sale will be recorded in our secure database. And if the user buys anything from the Holdup Suspender Company within 7 days of their last visit to your site, your account will be credited with 10-15% of the dollar revenue, once the credit card information clears our merchant account. We make it -Simple -effective- profitable to earn money immediately!! Our suspender brand is widely advertised and sold through over 2200 fine men's shops nationwide for name recognition and product branding. All affiliates can purchase from their own links and receive the commission.

 shop owners and distributors are welcome to resell our complete line

Holdup Suspenders in the NEWS ..latest articles

Phone and mail contacts for Holdup employees e-mail our sales staff Affiliate Programs Click to see our various sales support services Click to see our suspender e-catalog choices

Click Here to view our affiliate banners and creatives.

Questions?? Toll Free # 1-800-700-4515 ext 20

Patented Sloops designer Blue jeans made to be worn with suspenders   Save 20% on all Sloops Jeans and Casual Slacks ...click here Sloops Casual Khaki tan and Black slacks on sale for $43.95
Save $10 on every pair of Sloops Jeans or Slacks. Buy 2 and get FREE FREIGHT.

Top Seller Showcases: White Holdup suspender choicesWhite Suspenders White Holdup suspender choicesBlack Suspenders
White Holdup suspender choicesRed Suspenders White Holdup suspender choicesWide Suspenders White Holdup suspender choicesSingle clip classic clip-on Holdup suspenders for only 21.95 ea$20 Classics Striped Holdup suspenders in 8 style choices from 32.95Striped Holdup Suspenders
Suspender Search
by Color or Style Preference

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